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Freeze-Dried Blueberry

  • CLASSIFICATION:Freeze Dried Fruits
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Blueberries are antioxidant, high in anthocyanins and low in calories, etc. But fresh blueberries are not easy to store, so they are rarely available after the season is over. With the development of modern technology of freeze-dried blueberries, you can eat blueberries anytime, anywhere.


Blueberry freeze-drying technology refers to a drying method in which fresh blueberries are frozen at low temperature below eutectic point temperature by food freeze-dried machine, and the moisture in blueberries is removed by sublimation under vacuum condition.


Freeze-dried blueberries can not only retain the original active ingredients, color and flavor of fresh blueberries, but also have the advantages of thorough dehydration, quick rehydration, light weight, and suitable for long-term storage and transportation at room temperature.

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