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Freeze-Dried Pumpkin

  • CLASSIFICATION:Freeze Dried Vegetables
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Pumpkin contains rich vitamins, pectin, cobalt and zinc, as well as a variety of amino acids. It is very beneficial to human health. There are many ways to eat pumpkin, which can be cooked, used to make porridge, soup, or cooked and mashed mix as flour which can be made into cakes, noodles, beautiful flavor.


When freeze-drying, pumpkin retains the original nutrition, appearance, color, fragrance, and natural flavor. Freeze-dried pumpkin is healthy and delicious without additives. It can be stored for a long time, and can be transported easily with light weight.


Freeze-dried pumpkin can be used as a casual snack, can be brewed or can be applied with cooking (porridge, noodles), etc.


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